Austin Venture Strategy

Connecting Students, Startups, and Venture

About Us

Austin Venture Strategy aims to connect UT Austin talent with the venture ecosystem and empower startups to change the world. By fostering and creating high-performing student consultant teams, AVS grants students strategy and operational experience in startups while exploring the fast-paced world of venture and helping them develop deep entrepreneurial networks. AVS strives to promote diversity, inclusion, and equitable real-world experience to impact the startups that drive the future by helping students become great founders, innovators, operators, and investors.


Interested in startups or venture capital? Want to be a part of the next big thing? We’re a close community of students from majors across UT with a shared love of startups, technology, venture capital, and entrepreneurship.

If that sounds cool to you, apply to be a part of the team!


If you’re a startup that needs some extra hands conducting market research, helping build a product, strategic consulting for a new initiative, preparing to fundraise, or on any other project, reach out to us. We’re here to help!

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Austin Venture Strategy seeks to demystify venture capital to students interested in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. We teach our members the fundamentals of venture, from the due diligence process and analyzing pitch decks to understanding term sheets.

We’d love to chat if you’re interested in what we’re doing or want to help! You can reach us here.