About Us

About Austin Venture Strategy

Who We Are

Austin Venture Strategy is composed of a team of UT Austin students from a variety of majors and backgrounds with a passion for helping build the entrepreneurial ecosystem. We’re builders, operators, strategists, consultants, researchers, and much more with a love of all things startup, tech, and investing. We tackle all kinds of projects across the breadth of a startup with the goal of giving students the hands-on operating experience needed to become superb founders, operators, innovators, and investors. We believe that venture drives the future, and we’re here to do just that.

Believers and Doers

Members of Austin Venture Strategy are builders at heart and strive to be the change-makers of tomorrow by immersing ourselves in the venture ecosystem and building strong foundations to drive everlasting impact. We aren’t here to do what everyone else is; we’re here to do what they imagine.

Curious Visionaries

We join hands with the brightest entrepreneurs of today and foster innovation in some of the most cutting-edge startups to help solve the world’s hardest problems. We are forward thinkers who embrace authenticity and crave new experiences to fulfill our entrepreneurial spirits.

Solution Creators

Our talent network is composed of ambitious students that come from a breadth of diverse academic backgrounds. 

Through an immersive strategic and operational curriculum, our team is ready to tackle the day-to-day and long-term challenges in some of the fastest-growing startups in the world. We strive to bridge together diverse disciplines to provide a breadth of innovative solutions that maximize the growth and impact of the startups we work with. We believe in amplifying our passion for venture in order to build a lifelong community of future investors and operators that scale the most promising solutions of tomorrow.

Future Leaders

Austin Venture Strategy recognizes our social responsibility in creating an equitable and sustainable venture ecosystem. We strive to support startups and initiatives that empower communities and grants equal access to the amazing world of venture.