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Thanks for your interest! Our application for Fall 2021 is now closed. Please check back next semester!

Frequently Asked Questions

AVS helps startups tackle specific strategic and product problems each semester by having a team of students work with the startup in a variety of functions from growth marketing and user research to product design and API development. AVS also seeks to help its members pursue opportunities in venture capital, startup tech, and become founders in the future.

Our weekly general meetings last for an hour and focus on learning the ins and outs of venture capital and delivering value-add to startups from both an investor and operator perspective. Project team meetings are expected to take another hour each week. Deliverables are expected to be worked on each week during the course of a project, and some time will be spent during the semester working on your own content (investment thesis, market deep dives, etc.). In total, the weekly commitment is expected to range from ~8-10 hours.

Anyone at UT Austin can apply; we have no restrictions on major, year, or prior experience. We encourage students from all backgrounds to apply; diverse experience create stronger teams!

We strive to help our members achieve careers in venture capital and as startup operators; we hope you may go on to become founders yourselves! We can help connect you with opportunities, mentors, and recruiting resources as well as help you with interview preparation and the recruiting process, but there is no substitute for experience at a startup; our philosophy is that the best investors have startup experience under their belts. The goal of AVS is to give you this foundational experience working at startups so you can think like an operator.

Shoot us an email (linked in the footer) and we’ll be in touch!